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“As I discovered, there were reams and reams of it. Endless snarls of words, sometimes twisting into meaning, sometimes into nothing at all, frequently breaking apart, always branching off into other pieces I’d come across later...” - Mark Z. Danielewski

Música por WORDS
Letras por Marcos Hassan excepto "Ligeramente enamorado del diablo", por Julián Name.


released January 3, 2012

Japonecio Narut - Bajo
Ivan Luna "Chapu" - Batería
Marcos Hassan - Guitarra y voz



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WORDS Ciudad De México, Mexico

Formed in 2010. Hard and heavy, slow and fast. We've only begun.

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Track Name: Red Fascism
The army is ready, imposing their power
Killing their soldiers for sugar and greed
Genetics enhace their combat and fodder
Total submission is their objective

Battalions in numbers of thousands
An ocean of red imposing on us
Impeccable discipline

Marching on and on
In straight lines
Track Name: Cannibal Feast
This key with lion teeth
Fitted to my ribcage
Unlocks my essence

Keyring of solid lithium
Teeth as sharp as paper
You flayed my skin with them

Boxcutter for surgery
Sterilized in vinegar
Sadistic woman spreads her legs humanly
Rats entrails spray out the vile
She screams agony sweetly
Shooting bullets into my skull
The rat screeches

The boy hikes up his dress
Maggots gnawing her heart
An indifferent gaze

A pencil opens his veins

My dead eye seems to like her
She bleeds
Track Name: When Civilization is No Longer Enough
No more repression now
Totalitarism has fallen down
Overdose on liberty
I think I need a stronger drug

My back against the wall
The needle in my hand
Fixing the answer to live in this world
My flesh rotting on
My flesh rotting on
Track Name: Burn Brightly
Track Name: Ligeramente enamorado del diablo
Ligermente enamorado del diablo
Soy su fan en Facebook
Tengo la camisa con un chivo
Y escucho a Mayhem y Venom
Leo la biblia de Anton LaVey
Y esucho discos de Dio
Tengo un pentagrama en mi guitarra
Y una foto del papa
Pero al revés

Todos los domingos
Hago misas negras
Track Name: Watching Me Breath
Your gaze
Seems to tell me something, I know
The wine
Didn’t seem like something was wrong

Reach for you
Don’t know how to help you

Can’t see
Don’t know how to help you

Tell me
Instead of just watching me breath
Track Name: The Dust
And all the dust it carries
Opaque, the mirror won’t work
I shed a tear
And let a smile go

Looking at a picture
The mirror hasn’t touched